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A Newsvine group for labor activists, union members, and supporters of worker rights

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LaborVine is focused on organized labor (i.e. unions), the larger labor movement, and other subjects of importance to workers.

Hot topics include labor history, labor rights, union busting, union organizing, labor law, strikes, walkouts, lockouts, labor disputes, health care reform, Social Security and Medicare, pensions and retirement, workplace health and safety, wages, benefits, unemployment, outsourcing and offshoring, layoffs, trade deals like NAFTA, immigrant labor, productivity, abuses by employers, workplace issues...and more.

As long as the subject relates directly to workers, it belongs here. If it doesn't, don't post it here. Inappropriate content is subject to removal, and the viner who posted it risks being removed from LaborVine.

We have no other special rules. Be guided by Newsvine's conduct rules and all will be well. Please report offenders to Newsvine or contact one of our admins via Vinemail.

"An injury to one is an injury to all."